How a start-up is trying to revive the ancient craft of Dhokra with Rakhis

KalaGhar was born with the simple idea of wanting to combine art and utility. We wanted to create products which would add value and beauty to the day to day life. At present we have an array of products on which speak the same philosophy.

This Rakhsha Bandhan we decide to make Rakhis with the age old craft of Dhokra. Like one would remember from high school days, the lost wax casting technique Dhokra of Mohenjo-daro, is as old as civilisation.  Dhokra – an alloy of brass, zinc and nickel , is made using the lost wax casting technique, one of the earliest known casting techniques. The craft is still made in a few places in Odisha, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh.

The rakhi collection is made of Brass also known as Pital in Hindi, used for making religious articles and the technique is age old rich skill of Dhokra from the prehistoric civilisation of Harappa. This is an attempt to break the monotony of plastic and bring back the charm of handcrafted Rakhis. Our designers have worked on it to give it a touch of heritage and luxury.

We have more than 70 designs for Rakhi and Lumba Rakhi combined together.

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