KalaGhar Launches Handcrafted Dhokra Rakhi Collection

Threads are precious. Moreover when these threads carry rich heritage and art form, they become even more precious. With an objective to break the monotony of plastic and bring back the handcrafted Rakhi, KalaGhar, an online handicraft design store launched Dhokra Rakhis prior to this Rakshabandan. The use of Dhokra, which has made a mark since the prehistoric civilization of Harappa gives a rich heritage look to the Rakhis. More than 70 designs of Rakhis are available at the online store of KalaGhar. “Meeting the urban taste while retaining the rich tradition and art forms of India is our objective’, said Shipra Agarwal, one of the founders of KalaGhar. Designers from NIFT, Bhubaneswar have designed the Rakhis available on the online store besides other handcrafted items. “We have associated with many NGOs and SHGs who work on the design provided by our designers”, said Shipra who along with her sister Megha Agarwal began the startup. One can order various handicrafts, art and jewellery items online. Giving a platform to the artists and making their artwork available across India is the prime objective of the store.

Read more at: http://odishanews360.com/Odisha/details?mallId=3&jobId=9726&type=LIFESTYLE


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